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Wienerberger adds seven with Swarland

Brick manufacturer Wienerberger, has launched the Swarland range of bricks.

Wienerberger adds seven with Swarland

This range of seven bricks will replace the original Swarland brick, and will each be available in both 65mm and 73mm sizes. These bricks are designed for the RMI market in Northern England and the Midlands.

The products are the Swarland Black, Swarland Brown, Swarland Pink, Swarland Autumn Brown Sandfaced, Swarland Golden Thatch, Swarland Purple Sandfaced and the Swarland Red Sandfaced.

Wienerberger has also launched the 73mm Weathered Sandblast, Kingshurst Multi, Hestia Multi, and four new brick in its Staffordshire range. Made at Wienerberger’s Denton factory, the products are as close a match as possible to the original Swarland bricks.

Richard Brown, wall category marketing manager at Wienerberger, said:

“Our new Swarland range is perfect for extensions, repair, maintenance and refurbishment projects and we look forward to supporting the upswing in the housing market with the new additions to our brick portfolio.”

Chris Blythe, managing director of Swarland Brick Co. Ltd, said: “We worked in close partnership with the team at Wienerberger throughout the development of the bricks to ensure that its new Swarland range is the closest match to the original as possible, as the products have proven to be so popular over the years. We’re thrilled that the range will continue to live on.”

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