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Wavin crowns its pots to mark Diamond Jubilee

Hepworth Terracotta from Wavin now offers chimney pots marked with the Royal Crown, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Wavin crowns its pots to mark Diamond Jubilee

Discreet but distinctive, the emblem provides the ideal means of dating forever either a new build or refurbishment project.

Available in the three terracotta colours most commonly found in the UK – red, buff and blue/black – the pots are 250mm in diameter at the base, 500mm high and have an internal diameter of 210mm at their top.

“This feature not only provides a subtle way of marking the Jubilee but also harks back to a common practice among builders of leaving some personal touch. In an age of uniformity it’s nice to be able to create a distinctive product that celebrates the Queen’s reign in a small way,” said Paul Wydell, product manager for clayware.

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