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Victory for merchant’s boiler scrappage scheme

This week’s pre-Budget report is likely to include the announcement of a £300 boiler scrappage scheme thanks to vigorous campaigning by plumbers merchant Mick Williams and the Reheat Britain team.
Williams, md of Williams & Co in Hampshire started the campaign in July with a petition on the Number 10 website. The Reheat Britain campaign has since attracted support from business, politics and the green movement, including campaign manager Sian Berry, the Green Party’s 2008 candidate for Mayor of London.

Williams said: “It’s amazing to think that just six months ago this was an idea from one plumbers’ merchant in Hampshire and soon up to 100,000 families could be benefiting from it. It just goes to show what can be achieved when you decide to get off your bum and make it happen.

“The best thing about the campaign is how business and the green movement came together to get it done. British business cares about environmental and social issues and is ready to use its knowhow to take these problems on.

“Of course I particularly want to thank all the people that signed the petition to Downing Street – over 2200 of them.

“I’ll be watching the details carefully – we want to be sure small firms can compete for the new business and that means the money has to go to the householder. But it definitely looks like we’ve got a great result for bill payers, for the economy and for the environment.”

The scheme, similar to the car scrappage introduced last April, is expected to mean a grant to help householders replace old, inefficient boilers with new A-rated equipment or renewable energy systems.

The Reheat Britain campaign has been supported by leading environmentalists and industry figures, including Former Friends of the Earth head Tony Juniper; Mark Kelly, CEO of boiler manufacturers Baxi; and Blane Judd, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. A full list of notable supporters can be found at http://reheatbritain.org.uk/who.

Since the campaign began, Boris Johnson’s Air Quality Strategy has called for the scheme, Energy and Climate Change Minister Joan Ruddock has said she supports it, the gas safety watchdog CORGI Trust have published a report backing it, and Teignbridge MP Richard Younger-Ross’ parliamentary motion in support has gathered 56 signatures from all the main parties.

To read more information about the scheme, take a look at our new boiler scrappage scheme pages.

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