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Unimer launches On-Line Ledger Access

Unimer plc, the UK’s largest merchants’ co-operative and invoice clearing house for builders’, timber and plumbers merchants, have launched ‘Unimer On-Line’, giving full and secure access to their ledger system.

Unimer launches On-Line Ledger Access

Unimer’s merchant members and suppliers can now get an up-to-date view of respective members current ledgers held on the accounts system.

The move is part of Unimer’s key objectives of prviding tools which increase the efficiency and bottom-line profitability of member companies.

Access to the site is via the current www.unimer.co.uk site, and will only require a single login to view both the on-line Buyers Guide and new Unimer On-Line Ledger System.

The new Unimer On-Line system is updated each night and therefore always provides the latest view possible of outstanding items.

Some key features include:

* Full history of all narratives of each invoice and credit note

* Option to view and add new comments on transactions

* Facility to select viewed items by various criteria, e.g. ‘Outstanding’, ‘Paid’, ‘All Transactions’ and ‘New Narratives’

* Ability to ‘View’, ‘Download’ or ‘Print’ month end statements and remittances, copies of invoices and credit notes.

* Email option to send message to/from Unimer, merchant member or the supplier

* No need to log-out and in again to view aggregated accounts

* Opportunity to update user ‘Profiles’

Unimer IT manager Steve Hopkins developed the facility with Atlas Products and with additional input from staff and members.

The on-line ledger view incorporates a full history of all narratives against each invoice and credit note, and provides each merchant member and supplier with the ability to view and add new comments.

These comments are visible to all parties involved in the specific transaction, thus providing a quicker and more efficient way to resolve queries, even before the month end is run.

Howard Grant, Managing Director of Unimer plc, says: “We are always striving to provide ‘added value’ services and further business benefits to our members, and this is yet another service offering our members can now enjoy.”

More facilities are promised over the coming months.

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