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Unimer land major social housing supply contract

Unimer has announced an exclusive deal with UK’s biggest housing association consortium

Unimer land major social housing supply contract

Unimer have won a contract to supply the UK’s largest social housing consortium. The exclusive agreement is with Procurement for Housing and will allow Unimer members to supply materials for maintenance and capital works to housing associations and arm’s length management organisations.

PfH was launched by the National Housing Federation and Chartered Institute of Housing, and now has over 530 social housing provider members that collectively manage over 2.4m homes throughout the UK. This represents approximately 50% of the sector, which spends over £1b every year on materials procurement.

Unimer say they invested a great deal of time and effort in submitting an OJEU compliant tender for the contract because they believe it is an outstanding opportunity for Unimer members.

One of the benefits of being a PfH supplier, they say, is that Unimer members do not have to carry out OJEU compliant tenders because Unimer have already done so. This means that PfH members can start trading with merchants immediately. Another advantage is that all PfH members and suppliers use PfH’s central billing system, which guarantees payments and reduces administration costs.

The framework for trading has been created by Unimer and PfH, and the arrangement is uniquely open to Unimer members. The process has been tested by a Unimer merchant and a housing association in the Penrith area and is now a fully-operational contract.

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