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The Running Man – episode lV

Mike Tattam’s running the London Marathon – so we don’t have to!

Hello all


Firstly I’d like to thank all those who have sponsored me so far and for your kind support. In January, I received donations from David and Clare Young of Bradfords, Tom Williams of Lakes, Steve and Natalie Halford of Crystal and my friends from the R&PWC Golf Society. Your contribution is much appreciated.


The new year has started with less of a bang but more of a whimper and a limp. Yes you guessed it I’ve picked up an injury.


Now I have been running on it and managed to do 53 miles, but I’m now getting behind with my training. Fear not though, I have a team behind me and what a team! In January I took on two physiotherapists, (one a specialised running therapist), a sports massage therapist and two running coaches……Now I know Mo Farrah is running the Marathon and we’re in the same race, but this is starting to get silly when my support team is larger than his!


For those of you that have been following my posts you will have seen some of my very highly coloured running gear, intended for dark nights and dark country lanes! Now I think that I look stylish and I have attached a picture to prove my point, although others in my family have suggested that all I need is a Lollypop and I’d have a new job. Well it’s one I’ve not done before…


The running in January has been based on long runs at the weekend – 10 miles or so supplemented with Fart Licks…sorry Fartlek. For those of you that are interested Fartlek training is where you train at different speeds so you may well run a slow pace between a measured distance, faster on the second leg and ‘eyeballs out’ on the third leg and then repeat the process. Mind you I wish I did have a third leg then I’d be happily running again. So with the Fartlek training firmly in my mind and trying to run with a damaged calf most of my runs have been walk a minute and run for three – I can tell you it gets boring on the 10th mile.


So here we are in February and under 3 months to go with the pressure on….the question is will I make it to the start line? The answer is yes of course I will.


Speak to you all next month and please don’t forget to go to my JustGiving page www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mike-tattam and donate in aid of a worthy cause.

Mike Tattam is Sales & Marketing Director of Lakes Bathrooms.

About Guest Blogger - The Running Man

Mike Tattam is sales and marketing director of Lakes Bathrooms

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