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Talis UK unveils new butterfly valve

Talis UK has a new butterfly valve. The ERHARD ROCO wave Butterfly Valve has been designed in a flow-optimised way so it can safely withstand the force of water, as well as realise the least possible pressure loss.

Talis UK unveils new butterfly valve

The valve comes with two disc designs – ERHARD’s principle wave disc is the best for standard pressure ratings and small diameter valves, while ERHARD’s new ‘Skeleton’ butterfly disc has been designed for stability and to optimise flow performance for larger diameter valves and higher pressure ratings. As a result, the valves can be operated with the least possible pumping capacity, ensuring permanently low operating costs.

The curved wave shape of the ROCO butterfly valve makes it ideal for seamless opening and closing without resistance, and the addition of the improved slider-crank mechanism (SKG) gearbox, which helps to operate the butterfly disc, helps to slow down the valve’s closing speed. This new feature ensures the valve is closed softly, helping to minimise the danger of pressure surges and leaks.

The valve also benefits from a polygon connection between the shaft and the tilting disk allowing for continuous corrosion protection and clean potable water. In addition to this the torque transmission is more efficient and the load is spread more uniformly over the circumference of the shaft.

The ROCO wave is available in a range of nominal widths (DN 150 to DN 1600) and pressure ratings (PN 10 to PN 40), meaning it is suitable for an extensive range of applications, either small or large. What’s more, it is suitable for use in plant and pipe networks and for water applications.

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