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Surecav saves space and labour

The SureCav Cavity Spacer System has been developed to take the place of a backing block when building stone, brick and flint or slate walls.

Surecav saves space and labour

A cavity wall spacer system, it significantly reduces labour and material costs and guarantees clean moisture free cavities that also stop water penetration from wind driven rain.

SureCav can be used to create an extra 5% floor space when original external

dimensions are used on a two storey building and it gives a faster cleaner build.

It is easy to transport, being 100 times lighter than 100mm concrete backing blocks and one pickup truck can carry the same wall area of SureCav as two articulated lorries(40 tonnes) of 100mm concrete backing blocks that it replaces.

It also holds insulation in place ensuringit works to its full efficiency.

SureCav has BBA Approved 04/4154

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