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Supa-Fix – The Next Generation in Adhesives

Sika Company launch Supa-Fix APX4, an adhesive so powerful it can make repairs in just seven seconds.

Supa-Fix - The Next Generation in Adhesives

Supa-Fix is incredibly strong, and cures in seconds. It’s supplied with a filling and reinforcing powder which, when combined with the adhesive, sets to create a material so strong it can it be drilled, filed, sanded or ground to create the best repair.

It can be used on a number of materials including wood, plastics, ceramics, stone, and some metals. Application using both components is easy. Pour the powder of the cracked area, apply the adhesive on top, and watch as it sets almost instantly.

Supa-Fix is supplied in kits containing two bottles of adhesive, a black and grey filling powder, an anti-curing pin to prevent the adhesive from curing in the bottle, and a precision pipe to use on smaller repairs. A high impact, counter top display unit is also available with space to hold 24 Supa-Fix kits.

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