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SterlingOSB Zero involved in barn conversion

Luke O’Neil, a contractor at Blandford-based Dorset Woodworks, used SterlingOSB Zero in a barn conversion to create a wonderful interior space. The converted area now features a mezzanine storey which leads to the lower level of the barn via a staircase.

SterlingOSB Zero has been featured throughout the conversion; it has been used on every stud wall to add strength and stability which will be invaluable in the next stage of the project where plasterboard, kitchen cabinetry and electricals will all be fitted. The panels were easily cut to meet the design requests of the client which included lining staircases and creating in a timber frame structure.

Luke commented, “I used SterlingOSB Zero in this barn conversion as it gives some stability to the stud work and enabled my client to make a considerable saving compared to using similar boards, like plywood. I always use SterlingOSB Zero where I can as it is strong and aesthetically-pleasing when used as the finished product.”

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit www.norbord.co.uk

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