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Sika Concrete Solutions provide the answer for unusual rigging

Unusual Rigging in Northampton turned to Sika to provide a fast and efficient concrete solution which offered increased performance, reduced cost and health and safety advantages.

Sika Concrete Solutions provide the answer for unusual rigging

A supplier of rigging and technical solutions across a range of industries including entertainment, exhibition and event industries, Unusual Rigging required an efficient and high performance concrete solution for the construction of a storage shed used to house components for the manufacture of rigging assemblies.

Sika and Hanson recommended the use of both the Sika VisoCrete admixture to provide good workability and Sika Durus Macro Fibres, as an alternative to steel mesh, as the space on site was limited and the timeframe was crucial.

Steve Armfield, product development manager at Sika, said: “One of the main challenges on the project was speed of construction, with our recommendation to use macro fibres to replace the steel mesh. This made it easier to place the concrete without the hassle of setting up the mesh prior to pouring concrete.”

Used to enhance the toughness of the concrete, the Durus Macro Fibre S300 gave the contractor the benefit of placing the 250m3 of VisoCrete concrete into the restricted areas through a pump.

“Steel mesh is very labour intensive and can lead to an increased risk of health and safety issues during installation. Another drawback is that the steel can also corrode and rust, causing unsightly staining on the surface of concrete.”

Durus S300 are monofilament macro synthetic fibres that are extruded, embossed and then specifically cut into the required lengths for a wide range of concreting applications. It can be used in ready mixed concrete, precast and sprayed concrete applications, both above and in underground situations.

Sika ViscoCrete liquid admixture was also incorporated in the mix design. This unique product gives the advantage of high water reduction with correspondingly high strength and density, coupled with extended workability, improved flow, reduced shrinkage and fast strength development.

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