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Selling through the short nights

With Mike Lomax, marketing communications manager, Tarmac Cement.

Selling through the short nights

With a mixed summer behind us, we head into autumn with the promise of shorter nights, colder temperatures and builders heading indoors. Whilst big outdoor construction is accelerated during summer, the chillier weather means that the focus on indoor jobs will increase significantly over the next few months.

But how can this help you sell products to the trade?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what these indoor jobs will consist of. In our cement world, it is often a popular time to undertake internal floor screeding. For this reason, it makes sense to stock fast-setting cement – such as Tarmac’s Extra Rapid Cement – which works particularly well for this job.

Also, have a think about how you can capitalise on the season. Christmas can bring out the worst in sales techniques but it remains a good opportunity. Could you run an in-store advent calendar? Customers could open a door from a large calendar each day, with each door revealing a new discount or surprise.

The approach of winter may feel gloomy, but it’s vital that you are on top of the seasonal change and ready to capitalise. Besides, it’s only another eight months until summer…

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