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Seeking the industry’s best

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One of the first things you learn when you come into this industry, as I did so very, very many years ago, is that behind every successful brand – be it a supplier or merchant brand –  there is a pool of hugely talented people with drive and determination to make their brand, product or service, the very best it can be.

So that’s why we have launched the BMJ Industry Awards. Yes, there are other awards schemes in this industry and this sector – we even run one alongside the BMF. And very successful these all are too.

However, we’ve decided to take a slightly wider remit with these awards. BMJ’s owners, Datateam, run a huge stable of publications, many of which have their own awards scenes. Most of which use the same voting system – an online portal with a rather clever algorithm that is fair and transparent. I don’t speak enough geek to understand the technology behind it, but it works and is impossible to cheat.

This means that we aren’t looking for a judging panel to give up their time or their weekends to go through entries and then argue their decisions out against others’. Instead, this industry will decide what this industry’s best brand, people and businesses are. These are industry awards, organised on behalf of the industry and voted for by the industry, by the people who know best because they are immersed in it every single day.

We’re not just looking to shine the spotlight on the fantastic merchants out there, but also the amazing brands without whose products, the merchants would have nothing to sell, and the people behind them. So, if you, Mr Merchant, know of a super-star sales rep from a supplier whose ability to go above and beyond has made a real difference to your business, then our Sales Rep or Customer Service awards are where you should be nominating them. Likewise, if there are merchants out there whose commitment to their customers and their suppliers have pushed both their business to new boundaries then let’s have them nominated.

All the details on who, when and how to take part are on the website here.

At the very least, we’re offering another networking opportunity, giving this industry the chance to do what it does so very, very well. Namely, building and fostering the best relationships in an atmosphere of the utmost conviviality.

And I get a chance to swan around amongst some of my favourite people in my favourite industry with a glass of something cold and fizzy in my hand. What’s not to love about that?

About Fiona Russell-Horne

Group Managing Editor across the BMJ portfolio.

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