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Saniflo Service Engineer Network minimises returns

Saniflo, the UK leader for pumps and macerators, has worked hard over the years to develop and maintain a reliable and reputable network of more than 80 service engineers who operate throughout the UK. The team not only installs new Saniflo products in domestic and commercial projects, but also attends call-outs to service, maintain and repair the full range.

In many cases the engineers rectify a wrongly specified or wrongly fitted product – it is rarely a macerator or pump issue. This is obviously good news for plumbing and building merchants, who are, quite rightly, reluctant to accept macerator return due to health and safety issues. Only on very odd occasions is a Saniflo product unfixable and when it is, the engineers are instructed not to take the product back to a merchant. Instead, it is returned to the manufacturer for analysis and fault diagnosis, where it can be handled and dealt with correctly.

The high success rate for repair and rectification by the Saniflo engineer network has rightly given them a great reputation in the plumbing industry and merchants are very happy that used Saniflo products don’t end up back at their premises.

A leading merchant in the South East chooses to specify Saniflo for this very reason, saying: “Saniflo’s return policy makes our job a lot easier. After all, it’s very hard for our staff to handle, what can be, let’s face it, pretty dirty objects. On the rare occasion a Saniflo replacement is required the original unit is retained by the engineer for further inspection by the manufacturer. The engineer network does an excellent job out in the marketplace and it is great peace of mind for us as retailers that our customers can call on very experienced Saniflo engineers in the event of a problem.”

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