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Rockwool welcome Tory green plan

Hans Schreuder, managing director of Rockwool UK has welcomed the Conservative Party’s plans for a green technology recovery, published yesterday.
Rockwool welcomes the Conservatives’ commitment to energy efficiency and ensuring Britain’s homes and other buildings are as green as possible. The Conservatives’ proposal for a £6,500 energy efficiency entitlement for every home in Britain sounds promising and, as long as the process for allocating the money is clear and simple, should succeed in encouraging more people to ‘green’ their homes,” he says.

“Current schemes where utility companies offer people financial assistance to insulate their homes are hampered by bureaucracy and a lack of awareness. Anything that can be done to rectify this situation is to be strongly welcomed.

“We already know that the easiest and quickest way for people to make their homes energy efficient and environmentally friendly is to make sure they are properly insulated. As one of the world’s largest producers of insulation material, we are confident that we could meet the demand and help individuals and organisations insulate their properties, keep energy bills down and do their bit to help their environment.”

Conservative Party proposals include:

  • A £6,500 energy efficient entitlement for every home in Britain

  • Funding at least three carbon capture and storage pilot schemes.

  • The introduction of feed-in tariffs and smart meters to encourage homes to microgenerate using wind turbines and solar power

  • Beginning work on a new high-speed rail network

  • Providing government loan guarantees to companies investing in green technologies

  • Creating the world’s first environmental trading market

    Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne said of the plan: ” it would unleash £30 billion of new private sector investment, without adding a penny to the national debt. It would lay the path to a greener future. And it would help build a future economy where we save and invest for tomorrow instead of borrow and spend for today.”

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