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Rockwool take up less space

Insulation manufacturer Rockwool has developed a new production process which will reduce the amount of space its products need.

Rockwool take up less space

The process, called RockVac, involves significant compression of its products and vacuum extraction during their packing. It means that the company can supply pallets containing a larger volume of some products without the need for additional storage space. So more product can be transported in fewer vehicles and it will take up less space in stock or on site once delivered.

Once the packs are opened, the product returns to its optimum size.

The RockVac process also helps to retain the products’ squarer edges, reducing rounding and curving, thus improving their quality.

RockVac is now being applied to Rockwool’s Cavity, Flexi and RWA45 products. There is no change to the products themselves.

Marketing director Andrew Champ said: “We have invested significantly in our production facility to ensure that RockVac can be implemented across a range of our most popular products. Because we’ll now be transporting less air along with our products, we believe RockVac will deliver cost benefits and be kinder to the environment. We also expect our customers will be pleased that fewer vehicles are now needed to deliver product to their sites.”

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