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Revamped leak sealer from Sylglas

New and revamped Plumberfix from Sylglas provides a quick and effective way of putting a stop to leaks.

Revamped leak sealer from Sylglas

Plumberfix is a strong waterproof sealer epoxy putty, which, once applied, hardens to form a strong waterproof self-adhesive seal for leaking radiators, tanks, cracked gutters, cylinders and metal pipes. Alternative uses include repairing broken ceramic and terracotta pots and leaking watering cans, as well as filling holes in car radiators.

Able to set under water, Sylglas Plumberfix is purpose designed as a permanent leak sealant for piping and tanks, and can be used on most materials except soft plastic materials. It is ‘copper’ coloured when hardened.

Available in a 64g block, Sylglas Plumberfix comes with detailed, easy-to-use instructions, offering retailers compelling point-of-sale packaging.

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