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Redring mix it up

The new Digimix Shower from Redring can be sited remotely, meaning there is no need for extensive excavation work to fit wires and pipes and therefore no need for expensive retiling.

Redring mix it up

Fully thermostatic, the digital mixer shower has a wireless remote control, which can be used up to 10m away from the base unit.

Incorporating an LCD display, there are three programmable memory options available, which can be set to an individual¹s preference and ensuring the perfect shower temperature and flow rate every time. The remote control which can be left in the bedroom or placed in a neat wall mounted docking station will signal when the shower has reached the desired temperature.

The Digimix offers four accessory kits, providing something for everyone in terms of functionality and design. These options include a through the wall diverter with dual shower handsets, extendable through the ceiling riser rail and shower head, fixed through the ceiling shower head and bulk-head riser rail and shower head.

It comes in two variants pumped and standard – ensuring

Redring Digimix will suit any system whether that be gravity, combi or high pressure. The pumped version contains an integrated booster pump to ensure a powerful shower regardless of the pressure from the gravity fed system.

Due to the wireless technology both base units are easy and flexible to install and can be fitted vertically or horizontally in a variety of discreet locations, including the loft, in a cupboard or even under the bath.

The unit also incorporates a number of water saving features including a programmable timer meaning that the shower will automatically turn itself off if it is either left on or turned on accidentally, plus a shutdown system allowing the flow of water to be paused without any loss of temperature.

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