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Redland goes metal with Rapid Flashing M-Glue

Rapid Flashing M-Glue from roofing manufacturer Redland can now be used on metal roofs.

Redland goes metal with Rapid Flashing M-Glue

The adhesive allows Redland’s lead-free Rapid Flashing product to be installed on both tiled and metal roofs even when the roof is wet.

Rapid Flashing comes with integrated butyl strips that bond the flashing to the roof. Pre the development of M-Glue, Rapid Flashing was not recommended for use on metal roofs and could only be applied in dry conditions.

The introduction means Rapid Flashing can now be used around abutments, outlets and penetrations on metal roofing systems.

M-Glue can also be used with Redland’s Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge/Hip, Dry Hip, Rapid Hip and Rapid Vented Ridge dry fix systems where it is applied to the rollable membrane, allowing fixing work to continue in the wet weather.

The adhesive has been extensively tested in Redland’s Technical Centre in Germany to ensure it provides secure performance in the harshest of weather conditions.

M-Glue will be available in individual 290ml tubes for use with a standard caulking gun.

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