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Redland 49 fights the vortex

The Redland 49 tile, from roof tile manufacturer Redland, is being used on replacement roofs around Heathrow airport that have been damaged by the vortex effect.

Redland 49 fights the vortex

A vortex is a circulating eddy of air, like a mini-tornado, caused by low-flying aircraft. The effect, which is particularly significant as aircraft come in to land, is to suck tiles off the roof. Replacement tiles need to be firmly fixed and Redland 49 tiles can be fixed both op and bottom and allow for both clips and nails to be used as required by the BRE guidance document DG467.

The small format of the tile combined with this dual fixing provides the most secure fixing possible.

Heathrow airport has been offering replacement roofs when vortex strikes occur for over 20 years and the Redland 49 tile has passed stringent wind tunnel tests, in order to qualify it for use in the project.

Redland 49 is a small interlocking concrete tile that has been in manufacture for 65 years and is particularly popular in London and the South East where it is the ubiquitous tile of choice for huge areas of post-war housing.

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