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Prepare for success

Debi Boulton, brand manager at Dunlop looks at surface conditions

Varying surface conditions make preparing a wall for decorating a difficult task. There’s a huge variety of wall preparation products on offer and many merchants can feel unsure of the best tools to advise for the job. To avoid feeling dazed and confused it’s important that you research the task in hand.

Here at Dunlop we would always advise you recommend against opting for a quick fix, as this can lead to unsightly wear and tear or unnecessary spend down the line. Instead advise on a product that meets the exact needs of the job in question – whether it’s a cost-effective multi-purpose filler that works across a number of different projects or a more specific filler that’s designed to guarantee a top quality result on tricky jobs.

Take our Lightweight Filler for example, it’s the perfect general-purpose product; it can be used across a range of surfaces that require filling at a depth of up to 30mm and it dries in just 30 minutes – making it ideal for small and simple jobs that require a lasting result.

Our Fine Surface Filler on the other hand is a little more bespoke; it’s designed for smoothing more complex surfaces such as wooden doors or skirting boards prior to the application of paint. As it also dries brilliant white just 60 minutes after application, it’s great if your customer is looking to achieve a quality finish in next to no time at all.

Whilst preparing walls with small defects can often be achieved quickly, you need to make sure you’re customer is not caught off guard by surfaces with more substantial damage. A sturdy filling compound, such as our Deep Filling Compound with Hydroloc, which provides a brilliant white finish, rapid drying technology and hardens in an impressive time frame, will do the trick here.

Whilst this compound is perfect for internal projects, external repairs require a product with extra reinforcement. The new Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound with Hydroloc is ideal for jobs at risk from water damage, such as external repairs or internal areas that have been exposed to damp or water. Advising on a multi-purpose filler for an external or deep cavity may deliver short term results, but it won’t be long before your customer is getting a call from the homeowner for repairs – wasting both their time and money!

More specific jobs, such as the removal of artex or smoothing over tiles require a specialist product. Removing artex is notorious for being laborious and time-consuming; with Dunlop’s new High Bond Renovation Filler with Hydroloc, tradesmen can smooth and flatten walls in a rapid time frame.

There are a number of hints and tips you can share with your customers to make the preparation of walls prior to painting and decorating easier. One thing’s for sure, from opting for a simple multi-purpose filler on straightforward jobs to ensuring stronger products are used for projects requiring added reinforcement, if you help your customer to do their homework it can save them a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Advise them to speak to you should they find themselves in a pickle, and ensure you and your team make the most of online resources, such as the Dunlop Pro Décor website, to ensure you’re armed with the knowledge to know how to advise on the best products for the job.”

About Guest Blogger - Debi Boulton

Debi Boulton is brand manager at Dunlop Adhesives

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