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Polypipe eases underfloor heating installation

Polypipe’s Modular Heating Panels are designed to speed the installation of underfloor heating into suspended floors.

Polypipe eases underfloor heating installation

All the floor heating system elements are supplied already fitted within complete panels. All the installer has to do is fit and connect them together on site.

Delivering high heat output at relatively low flow temperatures, MHPs maximise the heat efficiency of traditional heat sources and heat pumps .

MHPs are available in two lengths (1.3m and 2.0m) and two widths (380mm and 490mm). Each panel is covered in heat-diffusing foil, with 30mm of insulation and 10mm diameter of pre-installed pipe circuitry.. 500mm length of pipe extends from each panel to allow for connection to the flow and return pipe work from an underfloor heating manifold.

Up to three MHPs can be connected together, with the recommended maximum room area per circuit being 20sq m.

In most installations, there is no need to cover the full floor area, which offers further cost and time savings. MHP’s can be installed to heat only to those areas required still providing enough energy to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

In practical terms, only 80% floor coverage is required to provide 70W/sq m or around 60% coverage for 50W/sq m output.

The new MHPs also offer flexibility of panel placement; features such as built-in wardrobes, baths and shower cubicles can be avoided without detracting from the overall heat provision.

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