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Podium finish for Werner Ladders

Werner Ladders has turned working at height on its head, launching a ladder that feels so safe that tradesmen compare it to working on the ground.

Podium finish for Werner Ladders

The Podium Ladder from Werner has a large standing surface with a high waist guardrail designed for maximum support, stability and range of motion.

Users can reach in any direction, meaning they can work continuously without having to reposition the ladder. The extended guardrail provides an extra point of contact, while the platform’s toe guard offers an added feeling of security for long standing comfort.

Featuring the LOCKTOP design, the guardrail organises tools and accessories securely and conveniently, saving trips up and down the ladder.

The Podium model also features newly designed EDGE360 bracing, where an integrated rail shield, edge bracing and over-sized footpads protect the bottom of the ladder.

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