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PM accepts ‘need for homes’

Prime Minister David Cameron MP has come down on the side of the housebuilding industry.

PM accepts 'need for homes'

In a speech at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday, Cameron declared the Conservatives were the “party of home ownership” and pledged not to let nimbys stand in the way of delivering needed new homes.

He said: “Housebuilding isn’t just a vital engine of the economy – it goes much wider and bigger than that. But you know the average age that someone buys their first home today, without any help from their parents? 33 years old.

“We are the party of home ownership – we cannot let this carry on.”

“There are those who say ‘yes of course we need more housing,’ but ‘no’ to every development and not in my back yard.”

He said that too many hard working young people were still living at home. “They sit in their childhood bedroom, looking out of the window, dreaming of a place of their own, “I want us to say to them – you are our people, we are on your side, and we will help you reach your dreams.”

Mike Leonard, spokesman for the Get Britain Building Campaign welcomed the speech and the cross-party consensus to support and push for greater levels of housing building to tackle the housing crisis and stimulate the economy.

“We are delighted that the PM has joined with Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg in calling for a major housebuilding program to build our way out of recession.

“The Get Britain Building Campaign has been lobbying since 2009 and now we see all three political leaders on the same page.

But he warned: “Fine words will not create the jobs and growth we need it is action. Our manufacturing base which is vital to our long term economic survival is contracting rapidly.

“It is time to pull together in the interests of UK PLC to build more homes and create jobs and growth.”

Leonard said: “We are ready and waiting to put in place the measures to deliver an additional 25,000 public rented homes over the next 18 months, if Government can access the funds. It is time to Walk the Walk.”

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