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Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it. 

Maybe it’s a hangover from the back-to-school days, but September always strikes me as a good time to start things afresh.

The shops are full of crisp new school uniforms, backpacks and gorgeous, unused stationary, so what better time for BMJ to launch our new-look website.

Yes, if you’ve got as far as this blog, you’ll notice that we look a bit different. Hopefully, cleaner, fresher and easier to navigate your way around.

Also, hopefully, easier for us to manage at the back end as well. It’s a totally new content management system though, so you may need to bear with us while we (well, me mainly) gets used to (can’t teach, new tricks etc etc).

The BMJ website was born in 2007, coincidentally, just about the same time as my twins. It’s a tough call to say which has given me more cause to scream and weep with frustration. It was the first dedicated builders merchant website in the market and it launched when the industry was booming…and then, barely 12 months later, it all came crashing back down.

The industry has changed in the last nine years and so has the world it operates in. The recession caused by the financial crisis cut so deeply that the new world order emerging was always going to favour those companies who could operate leaner, faster, more efficiently. There’s no going back to where we were in the good old days.

We’ve tracked the highs and lows  of the industry since then, it’s fascinating to trawl back through the archives and see what the headlines were and how different they are today.

Take this story from November 18 2008, for example, with its headline of Wolseley close 200 branches and cut 2000 uk jobs and compare it with the one I posted this morning  – Wolseley to lose 800 jobs in latest restructuring.


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