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Pick your Cabinet Dream team

Who will you pick for Team GBR Cabinet? It’s eleven versus eleven.

All the talk about hung Parliaments has made smile. Maybe I’m missing the point, but if there is no clear majority it means the leading political parties will have to pull together, talk, work out a solution – maybe even work as a team.

Doesn’t that sound like a best case scenario? Isn’t it just possible that the UK might end up with a ‘best of’ selection of political decision makers to lead the country out of the current economic and cultural gloom? And, isn’t that exactly what the leaders and opinion formers in Whitehall and Westminster have been urging business (especially in the built environment) to do for the past ten, fifteen years or more.

I’ve written about team work before – I will again – but when it is done right it works and delivers great results.

Let’s face it, every one (especially men I admit) will have picked their all time best team for football, cricket or whatever at some point.

The dust has not settled on the election debate last week, but the pollsters are earning their money, there is still a three horse race and it still looks like the UK is heading for a hung Parliament, or better still some form of coalition based on some solid team work and straight talking. Now, if that is the case how is it going to break down? The reality will be the big vote winners and hard hitting political muscle will win the best seats at Cabinet. But if you were picking your team who would pull on the shirt and represent Team GBR Cabinet?

I’ve picked out the main eleven positions – PM, Chancellor, Home Office, Foreign, Defence, Health, Business/Innovation, Education, Transport, Energy and Environment. It’s up to you which formation you go for – 4-4-2; 4-1-2-1-2 or even an all out 3-2-5 (W-formation) and return to the Butskellite consensus of the 1950s and 60s. Remember that England’s Alf Ramsey played 4-3-3 but it ended up as 4-4-2. Yes, I am that sad.

The only rule is that the PM plays in goal – because, the buck stops with him/her. I might make an exception if you make a strong case for a sweeper/libero and you can confidently cast your choice as PM in the same mould as Bobby Moore, Beckenbauer or any number of outstanding Italians (hey, they’re quite good at coalition Government too).

There you go. No prizes. No design gimmicks. Just fun. Send us your picks via the comment section below.

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Andrew Brown is director of Frank & Brown communications agency

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