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Opinion: the Green Deal does not seem ready

Is it just me? Chris Ashworth just gave a very clear and comprehensive overview of the Green Deal: what it is, what it’s intended to achieve, how it’s going to work, how it’s going to be funded, what the home owner will be expected to do, and so.
If he had been talking about a programme that was due to be launched in – oh, I don’t know, let’s say three years’ time – then it would have made an awful lot of sense. But it’s not. It’s supposed to be going live in about three months’ time. And it seems to me there are some pretty enormous gaps.

Repeatedly, Mr Ashworth said things like “it remains to be seen how this is going to work… it remains to be seen how that’s going to happen… there are lots of queries about how that’s going to work..” and so on. He talked about the need to educate home owners – shouldn’t that be happening now? And he told the audience of merchants what they should be doing to educate home owners. What? Why should it fall to merchants to implement a communications strategy for a major government initiative? And where did the idea come from that merchants have a direct line of communication with home owners? Surely most merchants spend most of their time talking to builders?

Finally, and I quote: “It’s important to get the language right – avoid using words like ‘green’.” So the industry is supposed to sell the Green Deal without using the word ‘green’, yes?

I repeat – is it just me?

By Colin Petty

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