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Oh Glee

Lafarge Tarmac’s Dr Bill is feeling rather Gleeful

The annual ‘Glee’ exhibition at the NEC is upon us. This is billed as the ‘UK’s Definitive Garden Event’ and is a magnet for those involved both in creating gardens and those suppliers who enable them to realise their vision.

Personally, I have only just started on the tidying of the garden, ready to put it to bed for the winter. Planning of any major rebuilds or landscaping will be a suitable subject for mulling over in front of the fire during the long winter nights to come, but others are probably more organised than me!

Most of us will generally source building materials for use specifically in the garden, from local Garden Centres (as you would expect), but Builders Merchants and Retail DIY stores are also useful sources of supply. As many general builders also carry out a bit of landscape gardening as part of their service, it would be worthwhile stocking some of the garden oriented products alongside the more run of the mill building materials. For builders this reduces the number of trips they need to make and the number of accounts they need to set up.

Whilst there is no underlying reason why a ‘standard’ product used on a building site should not be used successfully in the garden, recently we have seen major suppliers launch products specifically targeted at the garden and landscaping. Apart from ‘garden focussed’ packaging design, the availability of products in smaller, more convenient, containers (such as re-sealable plastic tubs) is a feature of these new offers.

Products such as mortar for constructing walls and raised beds, concrete for footings and premixed materials for laying slabs, are all now available in smaller quantities that are suitable for garden projects and combine ease of mixing with minimising waste. More products are likely to follow, expanding the available range. A visit to Glee is a good way of evaluating the future trends in garden landscaping and whether your stock needs to change in order to take advantage of them.

About Guest Blogger - Bill Price

Bill Price is National Commercial Technical Manager at Tarmac’s Cement business

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