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Norbord highlights ‘bonfire of insanity’ in election run-up

A voting card lookalike is being used by Norbord to make the most of election fever among politicans.  It will be issued to politicians and NGO’s.


Scientists, environmentalists and timber industries alike believe that subsidies that support the burning of woody biomass for electricity generation is a flawed policy and a misuse of taxpayers’ money.


Norbord is behind a campaign to bring the subject to the attention of the public and the trade having developed the information portal www.usewoodwisely.co.uk.


Directed at politicians and NGO’s, the simple voting card features four boxes which encapsulate the key messages and all can be ticked –

  • It’s time to save in excess of £800 million per annum. Current subsidies paid to energy companies to burn woody biomass are in excess of £800  million/year.
  • It’s time to help reduce CO² emissions.  Burning wood can generate more CO² than burning coal.
  • It’s time to save British wood-using industries and end unfair resource competition.  Government subsidies paid to energy companies to burn wood for electricity generation are pushing up wood costs.
  • It’s time to help save wildlife habitats. Acres of sensitive areas of woodland are being destroyed to generate wood pellets to burn.

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