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New products and range expansions for Fernox

Water treatment manufacturer, Fernox, have released a new nickel-plated brass filter for the domestic heating market and have extended their range of Filter Fluid+ Protector and Scale Reducers.

New products and range expansions for Fernox

Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector is now available in an Express aerosol canister, providing installers with a fast and convenient dosing method. The product can be dosed via a TF1 Filter, radiator or boiler filling loop in just 30 seconds. This newly introduced inhibitor package from Fernox maximises the efficiency of a system filter by lifting and delivering contaminants to a filter for safe removal – whilst at the same time providing on-going system protection against corrosion and scale formation.

In addition they have also released their first high performance, nickel-plated brass filter for the domestic heating market – the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter. Combining a powerful, Neodymium magnet with Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology, the filter is able to capture market-leading levels of system debris to deliver the ultimate in system protection. The TF1 Omega Filter also offers flexibility, with the option of installing the device onto horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions, and with the choice between valves or a slip socket connection.

Furthermore they have extended their range of quality, WRAS approved Scale Reducers. Ideal for areas where water hardness levels exceed 200 ppm, the range of Scale Reducers are suitable for both new and existing installations – providing added boiler protection. The range of Magnetic and Electrolytic devices can be installed onto plastic, copper and brass pipework with either push fit or compression connections.

For further information visit www.fernox.com or follow @fernox on Twitter.

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