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New IKOpro liquids to increase merchant revenue


Market-leading waterproofing and roofing manufacturer IKO PLC has launched five new liquid products for waterproofing and protecting roofs, floors, paving and patios.



The cold-applied liquids are part of a growing range of IKOpro products to increase add-on sales and revenue for merchants and garden centres.

The full range of IKOpro liquids are supported with a new brochure with clear, easy-to-read instructions and images for each product which can be downloaded at www.ikogroup.co.uk/IKOpro-brochure.

The new products include IKOpro Roof Protector, IKOpro Paving & Patio Protector, IKOpro Roofcyrl and IKOpro Solvent Free Waterproofer:

· IKOpro Roof Protector is a solvent-free, grey waterproof coating for flat and pitched roofs and masonry including all bituminous membranes, fibre-cement, bricks, tiles, galvanised surfaces and more. It can be applied as a single coat and cures in 4-6 hours, so the job can finished in a day.

· IKOpro Roofcyrl is an instant flat roof repair acrylic compound, which can extend life expectancy by 10 years. It’s ideal for emergency repairs and general maintenance.

· IKOpro Solvent Free Waterproofer is an easy-to-use bitumen-based emulsion designed to extend the life existing waterproofing on roofs. It can be used on asphalt, fibre cement sheeting, concrete and bituminous roofing membranes.

· IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade is a blend of bitumen emulsion and synthetic rubber latex and provides damp proofing for concrete floors, foundations and masonry walls below, at or above ground level.

· IKOpro Paving and Patio Protector can be used on concrete blocks and other porous paving stones as well. Solvent-free, there’s no flash point and it isn’t flammable.


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