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MPs to investigate housing crisis

A Parliamentary Committee is to investigate the housing crisis by launching an inquiry into financing more homes.

MPs to investigate housing crisis

The Communities and Local Government Select Committee will focus on what the government needs to do in order to deliver more homes to meet the nation’s housing needs.

The committee plans to include both public and private housing against the backdrop of limited mortgage finance, reduced grant funding and new housing policy.

They will also look at the opportunity for greater use of the private finance initiative or an alternative.

Also on the agenda will be the government’s affordable rent programme, with the committee set to examine the long-term sustainability of the scheme.

The committee is seeking written submissions from interested parties, with submissions accepted up until October 21.

Written submissions are invited from interested parties addressing some or all of the following issues:

  • How and where the more limited capital and revenue public subsidy can best be applied for the biggest return on the investment, in housing supply terms;
  • What the role is of state lending or investment, as opposed to grant funding, and the appropriate balance between them;
  • What the role is of the public sector in providing support -for example land or guarantees-as opposed to cash, and what the barriers are to this happening;
  • How long-term private finance, especially from large financial institutions, could be brought into the private and social rented sectors, and what the barriers are to that happening;
  • How housing associations and, potentially, ALMOs might be enabled to increase the amount of private finance going into housing supply;
  • How the reform of the council Housing Revenue Account system might enable more funding to be made available for housing supply;
  • How effective the Government’s ‘Affordable Rent’ proposals are likely to be in increasing the funds available for new housing supply, and how sustainable this might be over the medium to long term.

    The committee has requested each submission is no more than 4,000 words long, including a bullet pointed summary, and be accompanied by a covering letter containing the name and contact details of the individual or organisation submitting evidence.

    A copy of the submission should be sent by e-mail to clgev@parliament.uk and marked “New Housing”.

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