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Mira Showers helps African children

A member of the customer services team at shower manufacturer Mira Showers has been building an adventure playground for children in Gambia.

Mira Showers helps African children

Russell Harris was part of a team working in the village of Sambel Kunda which was also involved in planning a water tower, and re-plumbing some very leaky washroom and toilet facilities.

The village projects were all made possible by charity Stella’s School Scheme – founded by the late Dr. Stella Brewer-Marsden.

Harris worked in 40deg C heat for the seven days of the playground build, from site clearance to completion and says: “After a sweltering week, we had done it! We’d come up with two tyre swings, three climbing ropes, four trapeze rings, stepping logs, crocodile balance beams, a swinging log and a fantastic Burma rope bridge.

“After all that sweat, a broken finger for a local, a dodgy generator, 56 very deep holes, 25 3.5m poles, 25 litres of creosote and 12m of threaded bar: sorting out the plumbing was a doddle! All credit to the villagers and other volunteers; plus thanks to Mira for a chunk of cash towards getting the project realised”.

Recent examples of the charity’s efforts have included a solar power installation, a school garden, child sponsorship scheme and a recently built kitchen ensuring the children get at least one ‘decent’ good meal a day.

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