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Mira launch new eco-friendly showers

Mira Showers’ new showers, the Mira Minilite Eco and Mira Miniduo and Eco, are designed to give great flow performance without wasting too much water.

Mira launch new eco-friendly showers

The new Mira Minilite Eco combines the Minilite with the eco benefits of a 6lpm flow regulator, while the new Mira Miniduo and Eco showerhead combines the Miniduo with the eco friendly Mira Eco showerhead.

The Mira Minilite Eco uses a factory fitted flow regulator to restrict the flow to 6 lpm, with an 8 lpm alternative included in the pack. It comes in both exposed and built-in versions and is half the size of standard valves with single sequential control. It’s thermostatic and comes with a three year guarantee.

Available in exposed and built in models and including variable fittings as well as a fixed head, Mira Miniduo and Eco showerhead reduces the amount of water normally used by up to a massive 75% (compared to a standard Logic showerhead at 0.5 bar pressure). This saves both water and energy as less hot water is needed. The adjustable showerhead offers three aerating spray modes that reduce water consumption and the ‘ecoefficient’ technology uses a Venturi principle of introducing air without a pump. Mixing air with the water spray creates larger droplets filled with air bubbles. The droplets explode on impact and produce similar coverage to conventional, finer sprays giving the impression of increased volume of water and a refreshing shower.

“For everyone it is a win-win situation: the consumer gets a product that is water efficient and energy efficient and therefore saves money on water and fuel bills, yet still experiences a great shower, while the house builder is able to meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and offer its buyers a brilliant shower,” says Mira marketing manager Roger Crabbe.

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