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Mira brings digital Vision to aid the infirm

Safe and easy to use, the Mira Vision Flex brings the benefits of wireless showering to the inclusive sector where the wireless controller will be especially welcome, enabling users to turn on and control their shower without having to deal with levers and controls in the shower itself.

Mira brings digital Vision to aid the infirm

Combining the Vision digital shower valve and wireless controller with the company’s Flex hose and slide bar fittings, the Vision Flex brings contemporary design and technology to the users who need it: the physically frail. Ideal for adaptations in either the social housing or private sector, the Vision Flex is also simple to install and stylish rather than ‘institutional’ in appearance.

Safely outside the shower, users can programme functions such as the maximum temperature and flow rate or select its warm up mode and eco mode. Despite this sophistication, the shower is easy to install because the controller can be situated anywhere that is convenient – up to 10 metres away from the valve.

The controller communicates to the shower valve wirelessly through radio frequency, so the valve can be sited discreetly – in the loft or under a bath for example. Wireless technology enables users to have an extra controller, which can be mounted outside the bathroom so that they can ‘warm’ the shower to their ideal temperature before entering.

It also means it can be operated by a carer outside the showering area; affording the user greater privacy and dignity.

The Vision Flex fittings have a chrome and grey finish and are designed with the infirm in mind. The slide bar, for instance, fits close to the wall so it cannot be used as a grab rail and is 1m long to provide maximum flexibility for positioning the handset. And the hose is extra-long at 2m – particularly helpful when being used by wheelchair users or those needing a shower seat. An additional parking bracket for the handset is something found particularly helpful by carers.

The handset on the Select Flex is the Everclear, specifically designed to tackle the lime scale problems caused by hard water. Adjusting the position of the handset is easy because easy because of the smooth action of the slide bar and the friction clamp bracket, which can be used with only one hand.

The Mira Vision Flex is especially suitable for the housing adaptation grant, which funds the changes required to make a home suitable for a person with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability or mental health difficulty.

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