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Marshalls works to get Britain Building

Landscaping supplier Marshalls’ got 2,000 employees to take positive action this month to encourage the Government to build the UK out of recession.

Marshalls works to get Britain Building

Marshalls has thrown its full weight behind the ‘Get Britain Building’ campaign, with all employees encouraged to write to their local MP’s requesting that more funding be made available for home building.

Get Britain Building is the largest coalition of those involved in the built environment, it aims to unite the industry behind a common plan to revitalise and grow UK economy. The campaign focuses on the need to help all those involved in the UK construction industry survive in the current economic downturn, with an emphasis on minimising excessive control, regulation, and taxation.

Stimulating the construction sector makes economic sense; it’s a way of creating 2.5 million jobs, and 92p of every £1 spent on construction is retained in the UK. In fact every £1 invested in construction generates £2.84 in economic activity. Just as importantly the sector has proven that it can do this sustainably.

Chris Harrop, Marshalls’ marketing director, said: “It’s easy to sit around and complain about the UK’s economic situation, but what we all should be doing is taking positive, sustainable action. At Marshalls we’ve done just this, and we have ensured that all our staff has had the required support to take part.

“Supporting the ‘Great Britain Building’ campaign doesn’t just benefit the construction sector; the results are much farther reaching than that, so I would urge every business in the UK to take part; it takes minutes to complete and it could lead to the boost our economy needs, but it will only work if as many people as possible participate.”

To find out how you can play your part in getting this country back on its feet, visit http://www.getbritainbuilding.co.uk/whatcanido.asp, where you can download the letter template and the name of your local MP.

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