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Looking forward

The Super Summer of Sport is over – it’s back to normal now

The Olympics are over and despite the prophets of doom, there were no terrorist incidents and even the much criticised London transport system coped.

A huge congratulations to Team GB, but perhaps a bigger well done is called for to the unsung heroes of the UK construction industry for providing the iconic venues. It was a shame none of them were allowed to associate themselves publicly with the big event, for fear of upsetting official top tier sponsors.

With the school holidays well and truly behind us, it is back to business as usual for the building industry and time to look forward, regardless of predictions that activity will continue to decline this year.

Whilst the fall in construction activity has been identified repeatedly across the media as a major factor in the lack of economic growth, there seems little political appetite to address the issue.

Both suppliers and merchants can support the ‘Get Britain Building’ campaign, but we require some form of direct government support to trigger any realistic chance of a recovery in the sector. There is, however, little or no agreement on exactly what form this support should take.

Looking around, at least where I live, there does seem to be a bit of home improvement going on, extensions, refurbishments and the like. But there’s no denying that larger scale projects are thinner on the ground.

Should the recovery begin, there is still capacity within the UK cement industry to respond to increasing demand; until then we will have to keep concentrating on providing high quality and innovative products and services that offer value to our customers.

Confidence is what’s needed, so let’s focus on what we can do well and, just remember “We’re (not) all doomed Mr Mainwaring!”

Bill Price (@ConcreteDrBill), National Commercial Technical Manager

About Guest Blogger - Bill Price

Guest Blogger - Bill Price
Bill Price is National Commercial Technical Manager at Tarmac’s Cement business

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