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Less dirt in less time

Designed to cut through industrial or agricultural dirt, the new Poseidon 4 from Nilfisk-Alto will reduce cleaning time and water consumption

Less dirt in less time

Nilfisk-Alto’s new Poseidon 4 mobile cold water pressure washer is designed to be a powerful, easy-to-use, mid-range addition to the Poseidon range. It is designed to cut through agricultural or industrial dirt to save on cleaning time and water consumption.

Central to the Poseidon 4 series is a 1,459rpm pump with three ceramic pistons and brass pump head. There are three Poseidon 4 models, each available in an XT variant with a Turbohammer lance, 15m high-pressure hose and a hose reel as standard.

The single phase 4-28 pumps up to 620 litres an hour at 150 bar for a useful cleaning impact of 2.8k force. The three phase 4-36 delivers 760 litres an hour at 160 bar for a 3.6kg force cleaning impact and the three 4-41 delivers up to 840 litre an hour at 180 bar with 4.1kg/force.

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