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Last chance to enter. Seriously, last chance!!

You’ll be sorry but your tears will be too late

Loads of you already have, which is mighty pleasing. What am I talking about? Entering the inaugural BMJ Industry Awards, of course.

If you don’t do it today, then you’ll be too late and you run the risk of seeing one of your competitors walking away with “your” prize on Friday May 18th.

Enter here. Enter now.

The nomination process is as easy as we can make it. If you are, or you know of, a fantastic merchant that you would like to see rightly lauded, then get onto our website and get nominating. Do you have a particular favourite amongst the national merchants? Then nominate them now. Who has a fantastic bathroom and kitchen showroom that lifts their business above the rest? If it’s you then get your name down now. If one of your merchant customers is a bit shy about blowing their own trumpet then give them a shove and nominate them yourself. Do you run a corker of an online business – either as part of your existing brand or under another name? Then why not nominate it for our Online Merchant Award.

Have you seen a rock-solid marketing campaign from a merchant that you think deserves greater credit from the industry? We have a Marketing Campaign category that’s perfect for it.

Because an industry has no future without fresh blood coming through, we have two Rising Star awards for those who are headed for greater things. One from a national merchant and one from the independent sector, because what you have to do to shine in a big, national merchant group is different to what you might do as part of a smaller, independent business.  Different, and equally valuable.

We hear a lot in this industry about the importance of branding which is why we have a whole category dedicated to the best brands the market can offer. Who do you believe has the best brand for heavyside, plumbing, timber, landscaping, kitchens, bathrooms, roofing, heating or distribution? Get the nominations in now.

Awards events aren’t just about the networking opportunities, though that is a big part of their appeal for all of us. They are also about celebrating what is great and good about your industry, which is why BMJ felt that we wanted to offer something along the same lines, but with enough differences to make it complementary rather than conflicting.

This industry is all about people so our Industry Personality of the Year will be the person you think has done the most for the industry, says the most about our industry or is just an all-round jolly-good egg.

And, because these award are a bit different from the norm, we also have categories for brands. Because, if manufacturers didn’t bother to make anything, merchants wouldn’t have anything to sell. The rather clever online portal runs on an algorithm that ensures it’s all above-board, so no-one can vote a hundred times for themselves. In true Oscar-style, even I won’t get to find out the winners until the golden envelope is opened, so there’ll be no chance of me voting for all my favourites – you know who you are!

In any case, if you aren’t doing anything else that day and you want to get in some serious networking with the great and the good and even the rest of us, then get on the website and book yourself a table (here!!). Bring your friends. Come and have fun on Friday May 18th at the Brewery, Chiswell Sreet, London.

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