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Knauf launches Ecose Technology Week

To mark the fourth anniversary of its ECOSE Technology, Knauf Insulation is celebrating innovation in the construction industry during a week-long programme of activity.

Knauf launches Ecose Technology Week

ECOSE Technology Week highlights the achievements the manufacturing technique has delivered to the mineral wool insulation market.

Based on rapidly renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals, ECOSE Technology enhances the performance and value of mineral wool, resulting in a new generation of products that are ‘super-soft’ to the touch and easier to handle – as well as having a natural brown colour.

Lydia Sharples, head of communications at Knauf Insulation, said: “Earthwool insulation made using ECOSE Technology looks and feels like no other mineral wool product – it’s soft to the touch, low on dust and very easy to cut. In fact, in tests we conducted when we launched the Earthwool range, many installers did not even believe they were handling mineral wool insulation – and the feedback about its superior handling has continued to this day.

“Combined with the natural brown colour and ‘super soft’ feel, it provides the same reliable thermal and acoustic performance that merchants, contractors and installers expect from mineral wool.

“What’s more, as changes to legislation place a growing emphasis on the sustainability of buildings, choosing materials that contribute to overall environmental performance is more important than ever before – and this is where products manufactured using the highly sustainable ECOSE Technology really make a difference.”

ECOSE Technology uses a formaldehyde-free binder technology that is free from phenols and acrylics, and no artificial colours, bleach or dyes are added. ECOSE Technology is also up to 70% less energy intensive than traditional binders, delivering superior environmental sustainability.

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