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It’s rocking, the new CEMEX brand, neogem

A new CEMEX brand of high performance aggregates, neogem has just been launched in the UK.

neogem aggregates are specialist, high quality aggregates, whose intrinsic properties have been developed to meet the essential needs of five sectors in the market – Agricultural, Environmental, Industrial, Landscaping and Sport.

“Our new neogem brand covers the extensive range of minerals that our quarries have to offer, from the finest sand to the largest boulders. Each type of aggregate has different properties which can help with a task and provides a much needed solution for customers.

“neogem is a global brand, but the products we offer are very much local aggregates from quarries in England, Scotland and Wales which will help local customers,”  comments John Miller, CEMEX Commercial Director, Aggregates.

Aggregates in the neogem Agricultural sector aim to help farmers in the first stages of food production. They include products such as Soil Remineralisation where the intrinsic natural properties of the aggregate can increase crop yields or Fertiliser Stone, that is limestone dust which acts as a liming agent to help achieve the correct soil pH. This sector also includes sand for cattle bedding.  

neogem Environmental products such as rock armour and gabion stone  help to combat the impact of the environment such as in flood prevention and improved sea defences. These neogem products are resilient, have low water absorption and are of a size and weight to withstand forces such as tides. Another product, Suds-Flow, offer a number of drainage aggregates that effectively remove surface water to minimise the risk of flooding.

Industrial products in the neogem range include aggregates which are a key component of the process and are used in a number of industries including steel, sugar and rail.

neogem Landscaping offers a wide range of decorative stones and rocks, from the deepest black to the brightest pink enhancing our environment, whether pebbles on the walls of a house, stones on a pathway or rocks around a garden water feature.

neogem Sport products are aimed at ensuring the athletes’ safety and comfort on the pitch or track, while helping to optimise their performance. These products need to ensure stability of the surfaces with good drainage.  One product in the range is Sport sand from our Hyndford quarry in Scotland, perfect for golf bunkers.

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