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IRWIN add power and speed

The new IRWIN Speedhammer POWER allows users to drill through rebar reinforced concrete straight and fast.

IRWIN add power and speed

In tests, it sustained twice as many rebar hits as the previous generation of drillbits.

As a full-range supplier and masonry specialist, IRWIN is serious about innovation in drilling and introduced this incredible new product to reflect the increasing use of rebar reinforced concrete, especially in industrial and commercial buildings.

The highly-engineered drill bit has a patented tip featuring twice as much carbide as the current IRWIN Speedhammer Plus, for an extended lifetime and extra durability.

It also features a thicker core that leads to 25% less breakage, a special patented groove design that results in less friction and a maximised flute that ensures better dust removal and an extended lifetime because the carbide tip is kept cooler while drilling.

When a standard hammer drill bit hits rebar the drill bit can start vibrating, get locked and snap off, or the tip can get hot, start glowing, melt and fall out. A tradesman would most likely have had to stop drilling, relocate the hole in a different position and start again, or switch bits – a time-consuming and frustrating process.

IRWIN Speedhammer POWER sidesteps this problem by allowing tradesmen to simply keep drilling through the metal with speed and accuracy.

Available sizes range from 5 to 20mm in a variety of lengths from 110mm to 460mm.

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