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Hydro Biocell™ Engineers in nature’s way

Hydro Biocell™ is the new name for innovative SUD-complaint drainage unit from Hydro International, harnessing natural biological and chemical processes to combine storm water control with treatments of pollutants and sediments. Connecting simply to drainage inlet and outlet systems, Hydro Biocell™ introduces the pioneering principles of biofiltration to urban environments, highways and carparks.

Hydro Biocell™ Engineers in nature's way

Part of the StormTrain® series of surface water treatment products, Hydro International’s new drainage unit is designed to remove silts, sediments and other pollutants from storm water runoffs. Channelled through a kerbside inlet into a concrete container underneath, the new system comprises of a concrete container with a 75mm mulch layer, 500-700mm of soil filer medium, an observation pipe, and an under drain system — all connected to the surface water drain.

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