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Huws Gray adds proof of delivery software

Independent builders merchant Huws Gray has invested in proof of delivery scanners, thanks to its tie-up with merchant software provider Border Merchant Systems.

The builders merchant has installed 39 KODAK i2400 Scanners and 39 licenses of KODAK Capture Pro Software along with Border Merchant Systems’ proof of delivery scanning module.

This solution enhances efficiency and provides Huws Gray employees with instant access to delivery documentation should a customer have a query.

The new system will digitize approximately 15,000 delivery notices generated each month.

“With the old paper process, if a customer phoned our accounts staff at head office with a delivery question, the specific branch would then have to be contacted, the paper proof of delivery found and faxed over,” said Michael Owen, Huws Gray’s IT manager.

“That was a process which could take a day or two, as our branches are busy selling goods. Now everything is instantaneous as proof of delivery is available electronically.”

The proof of delivery scanning module links to BMS CounterAct fully integrated merchant software, an enterprise solution used by Huws Gray for the past 15 years for its accounts (sales, purchase and nominal ledger), price book, point of sale, stock control and quotations.

Each proof of delivery form is given a unique barcode, which Capture Pro Software automatically reads. This is matched against a sales number within CounterAct Software when the images are imported on a daily basis, with the proof of delivery scan archived together with the customer’s order in the same folder.

Owen said: “We wanted a solution where staff can just grab a bunch of proof of deliveries, put them into the hopper, press a button and the system takes care of everything.

“Our aim as a business is to be as paperless as possible so as to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and be more environmentally conscious, and the new proof of delivery scanning module certainly helps here as well as keeping things operationally as simple as possible.”

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