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HRM boost SEDBUK efficiency

HRM Boilers has increased efficiency across its Wallstar through-the-wall and X-ternal boiler range.

HRM boost SEDBUK efficiency

The Wallstar condensing 12/14, 15/19, 20/24 and X-ternal 12/14 and 15/19 models are now all rated as SEDBUK Band A efficiency boilers with independent tests showing a nett efficiency across both ranges of 96%.

The efficiency improvements to Wallstar and X-ternal have been achieved without any change to the external dimensions of both models, so they can be used as direct replacements for previous models as far back as 1990.

All Wallstar and X-ternal A rated boilers are fitted with Bentone burners and are supplied with a remote acting fire valve as standard. Everything required for successful installation is included with the boilers, even down to the condensate trap. A single pipe oil supply simplifies installation even further and results in safer operation during the life of the boiler.

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