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Housing takes centre stage in economy debate

As the party conference season takes hold, housing moves into the spotlight as a driver of economic recovery.

Housing takes centre stage in economy debate

There is now a consensus among the three parties that housing policy will prove a key battle ground in the run up to the next election.

Liberal Democrats have set aside one and half hours for their housing debate in Brighton this week, as pressure grows to tackle the housing crisis.

In Manchester next week Labour is understood to be planning to launch a high profile campaign tying together the need to get Britain building housing with growth and job creation.

Meanwhile, Conservative Party bosses are aiming to deliver a message from Birmingham that Government is backing the housing industry with a raft of big measures to get developments moving again.

Incoming housing minister Mark Prisk will use fringe meetings to spell out his ideas about tackling the challenges ahead, as Government switches its focus to delivering its policies.

Labour’s commitment to boosting new homes was highlighted by shadow housing minister Jack Dromey at this week’s housing summit in Birmingham.

He said: “There is enough land with planning permission to build 300,000 homes, three and a half years of build, but it is simply not happening.

“The quickest way to get a sluggish economy moving is to invest in house building.

“That’s why for Labour, homes, jobs and growth will lie at the heart of our recovery plan for Britain. We will put housing centre-stage in a way it has not been for a generation.”

Dromey was speaking after the Get Britain Building lobby launched its own Jobs and Growth campaign to drive home the benefits of building more housing.

Mike Leonard, Director of the Modern Masonry Alliance, said: “After three years of campaigning to Get Britain Building we now have major engagement from all parties.

I will be attending all of the conferences and look forward to working closely with colleagues from the building materials and construction sector. Our clear aim will be to convert good intent into jobs and growth as we find ways to Get Britain Building.”

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