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Hepworth Extend Hep2O

Hepworth Building Products have extended their Hep2O manifold range with a fitting that allows direct connection from 22mm to 15mm pipe work.

Hepworth Extend Hep2O

The manifolds are designed to be simple to use and cost effective. And by reducing the number of fittings needed, the manifolds cut overall installation time and deliver a cost saving.

And the lightweight construction means they can be used with suspended pipework with no fear of sagging.

The new two and three port manifolds can be connected in series to provide the installer with any number of outlets. This allows multiple flow and return pipe work to be connected to one area of the building, simplifying installation and improving access for the installer and homeowner.

Plus, unused sockets on connected pipe work can be closed off with Hep2O push-fit blanking pegs, which can be removed if the system later needs extending.

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