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Hanson mothball quarries

Building materials producers Hanson UK are mothballing production at two of their quarries in Gloucestershire.
The company has stopped blasting and crushing limestone at Tytherington but will continue production at Chipping Sodbury, although they are mothballing asphalt production from there.

David Weeks, spokesman for Hanson, said the company’s actions are a direct result of the downturn in demand.

“We have seen a pretty substantial fall off in demand over the last 12 months and in order to keep both sites open we’ve had to balance production, so we have mothballed the limestone at Tytherington quarry because we don’t need stone production at both quarries.

“We are also mothballing asphalt production at Chipping Sodbury because we have just invested £4.5 million in a asphalt production plant at Tytherington.

“We are in a very difficult period and we are a completely demand-led business. We cannot go out and have a 20% off day.

“We want to safeguard as many jobs as we can and be ready for when the upturn comes.”

Four jobs have been lost as a result of the mothballing.

Last year the company closed and mothballed a number of brick factories because of the lack of demand for heavyside building materials.

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