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Growth of 34% expected in UK Wetroom Market within five years

An even bigger rise in UK homes opting for wetrooms over traditional bathrooms is predicted for 2015 through to 2017, due to a growing trend towards multi-generational households, according to AMA Research.

Growth of 34% expected in UK Wetroom Market within five years

After the 2010-2012 decrease in wetroom installations, due to a comparatively volatile market, wetrooms now represent the fastest growing sector of the UK bathroom market, which shows a growth forecast at 6-7% per annum over the next 2 years. It’s estimated that around 5% of UK homes now have a wetroom installation.

In line with the uncertain economic situation and the decrease in the level of new build housing, and low levels of major refurbishment in the private sector, the wetroom market saw a dip. However, as 2013 hit, the market for wetroom products has seen a notable increase, and this may be partly attributed to product innovations, with a number of components now available that make it possible for wetrooms to be installed on most floor types. Prices have also fallen, making wetrooms a more affordable choice to the mainstream consumer.

The outlook for the UK wetrooms market in 2015 looks positive with good growth anticipated into the medium-longer term, with an emerging trend towards multi-generational households. Wetroom areas are likely to progressively replace baths, as a more practical and accessible alternative, and by 2019, the market is forecast to have increased by 34% compared to 2014.

AMA Research Director Keith Taylor said, “Housebuilders are increasingly adding wetrooms to new build private homes in order to add value and attract buyers.

“Baths continue to be commonly specified in the main bathroom but the smaller second bathroom or ensuite is now more likely to have a wetroom installed, both for practical and aesthetic reasons.”

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