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Green Deal will take 200 years to work

Insulation manufacturer Knauf Insulation is warning that it will take more than 200 years to hit the 2020 energy efficiency targets.

Green Deal will take 200 years to work

That’s if the statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the Government’s flagship Green Deal initiative are to be believed.

The figures reveal that only 2,031 more Green Deal assessments took place in April than in March, indicating that the level of interest is already starting to plateau.

Knauf Insulation, Northern Europe managing director John Sinfield. said: “These figures confirm the industry’s worst fears – that the Green Deal has been strangled at birth by the complete lack of any real incentive to encourage uptake amongst householders. If this rate of activity evens out at 10,000 assessments a month it will take 116 years to reach the original DECC aspiration of tackling 14 million homes – and that assumes an optimistic 100% conversion rate from assessment to Green Deal. At a more realistic rate of 50% it will take 232 years to achieve this goal.

“Therefore, our argument to Government is that a significant ‘demand driver’ is urgently needed in order to create momentum amongst householders. The Government claims that the Green Deal is a market driven mechanism yet as currently designed it will only appeal to a small subset of the population. The Green Deal must be made attractive to ALL householders if it is to stand any chance of success. Cashback should be broadened from just Green Deal to all boiler and insulation retrofits.

“This would also allow the highly developed supply chain built around these CERT driven measures to adjust to the new world. Otherwise, much of this ‘shovel ready’ delivery infrastructure will begin to disappear – a process that is already happening, as demonstrated by the 5,000 job losses in the insulation industry to date since the end of CERT.”

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